Hulett & Associates, LLC is a leading firm consulting in:

  • Project schedule risk analysis
  • Project cost risk analysis
  • Project risk management
  • Integrated cost-schedule risk analysis
  • Earned value management
  • Project auditing
  • Decision analysis/decision and risk analysis
  • Enterprise risk management (ERM)
  • Project schedule assessment

H&A also provides proprietary training in project risk analysis, including training in Monte Carlo simulation software, and in project scheduling.

“When it comes to quantitative risk analysis I know where to turn. Dr. David Hulett is internationally recognized as a world authority on the subject, and there is no-one better than him to explain its intricacies and subtleties.”

 -- Dr. David Hillson, PMP, FAPM, FIRM, MCMI

Dr. David Hulett
David Hulett at work

The firm is headed by Dr. David Hulett. Dr. Hulett is well-known as a leader in the Project Management Institute (PMI) for project risk management and scheduling standards, including the risk management chapter in the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK© Guide) and the Practice Standard for Project Risk Management.

“David, you are the rare individual who always goes the extra step when faced with a technical challenge. Good to see cost-schedule trading being modeled (as I do with EV). I likewise give people your name when they have a need for deep schedule risk analysis.”

 -- John Hollmann, CCP,CEP, DRMP, Owner, Validation Estimating LLC, author Project Risk Quantification

Dr. Hulett has published the widely accepted Practical Schedule Risk Analysis (Gower, 2009) and Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis (Gower, 2011).

“I’m a big fan of your Practical Schedule Risk Analysis book, and I reference it in my forthcoming book. My book is intended for a general project management audience, and I recommend your book if readers want details on how to do a schedule risk analysis, as I consider it to be the leading book on the subject. I also mention the risk driver approach in schedule risk, and cite you as its developer. People who are interested in how to do schedule risk analysis need look no further than this excellent treatment of the subject.”

 -- Christian Smart, Ph.D., CCEA | Chief Scientist, Galorath and author of Solving for Project Risk Management: Understanding the Critical Role of Uncertainty in Project Management

He also authored the Recommended Practice 57R-09 Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis using Monte Carlo Simulation of a CPM Schedule and Recommended Practice 85R‐14 USE OF DECISION TREES IN DECISION MAKING for the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) International.

“Thank you for your work on putting together the AACEI RP 57R-09 on the subject. The document has been my primary reference.”

 -- Mohamad Rezana Abdul Malek, Head, Project Performance & Governance, Project Management & Delivery, Technology & Engineering Division

Dr. Hulett was awarded the Brian D. Dunfield Award for Excellence in Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) International in 2018.

Dr. Hulett receives Dunfield Award

Dr. Hulett was voted a Fellow of Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) International in 2015.

“I've known David for eight or ten years, and I believe he is the world's leading expert on risk management, always developing and promoting innovative ideas, like the Risk Event Driver methodology.”

 -- Chris Carson, FRICS, FAACE, CCM, PMP, PSP, CEP, DRMP

Dr. Hulett, Fellow of AACE

H&A clients include government agencies and companies in oil and gas, aerospace and defense, construction, pharmaceutical development and plant construction and transportation. H&A has an international list of clients.

Conference in Rio
Dr. Hulett is an internationally respected speaker on Project Risk topics.
Conference in Rio de Janeiro sponsored by Rio PMI and Latin/NEXT
Dr. Hulett receiving certificate
Hulett Presentation at the Project Management Institute in Doha, Qatar
Dr. Hulett at Bogota Risk Management Meeting
Presentation to the First Project Risk Management Conference
of Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria Julio Garavito, Bogota Colombia.

David T. Hulett, Ph.D. FAACE