Friends of
Hulett & Associates

Some of Hulett & Associates' allied organizations are listed below. We have cooperated with each other on projects and their services are among the best in the business.

Safran logo

Safran Software Solutions is a leading global provider of project controls software with a particular focus on risk based applications. Safran Risk is a modern and complete approach to managing both Cost and Schedule risk for complex projects. Safran is a Strategic Partner of Hulett & Associates.

Saybrook logo

Saybrook Associates, Inc. is a Program/Project Management and Project Controls consulting practice based in the New Haven, CT region with offices across the USA, and provides its capabilities internationally. By deployment of Best Practices and Methodologies it enables Projects to achieve successful outcomes. Saybrook is a Strategic Partner of Hulett & Associates.

Long International logo

Long International is a worldwide leader in providing engineering and construction claims analysis and expert testimony, project management consulting, and insurance claims analysis services to the engineering and construction industry worldwide. We specialize in schedule delay, disruption, cumulative impact, quantum/damages, and project management performance analyses.

Risk Doctor logo

The Risk Doctor Partnership is an international network of trusted professional risk experts, offering high-quality professional advice to clients across the globe, combining leading-edge thinking with expert practical application, providing access to the latest developments in risk management best practice.

Acumen's logo

Deltek supplies Deltek Acumen Risk, an integrated cost/schedule risk analysis software, Acumen Fuse, a schedule diagnostics tool, and Acumen 360, a schedule acceleration tool. Acumen software integrates with Microsoft Project, Primavera, Open Plan, PowerProject, and more.

Crystal Ball logo

Crystal Ball from Oracle, Inc. is a leading spreadsheet-based software suite for predictive modeling, forecasting, Monte Carlo simulation and optimization.

Primavera logo

Primavera Risk Analysis is a project scheduling and Monte Carlo simulation package that can perform integrated cost/ schedule risk analysis including the Risk Driver approach. Pertmaster imports schedules from Microsoft Project, Primavera (P3 and P6) and Open Plan.

Palisade logo

Palisade @RISK provides a well-established suite of risk analysis software that is valuable for analyzing risk in project cost, schedule and strategic decision making.

PM Tec logo

PM tec, Inc. Project planning consulting and Primavera training and support.

Project Auditors logo

Project Auditors LLC specializes in providing project management services, project management training, process analysis, PMO development, and project quality audits to private industry and government in North America and Europe.

Retfalvi logo

Retfalvi and Associates work as a trusted partner to provide experienced project and risk management support and advice to help clients succeed.

Intaver's logo

Intaver Institute's RiskyProject is comprehensive project risk management and risk management software.


  • “It is to be hoped that Hulett's approach will be adopted... to produce more realistic... projections of project outcomes - to set more achievable targets and to point towards more effective risk mitigation actions.”
    -- Philip Rawlings, Director, Euro Log Ltd

  • “This is an extremely important book, which presents a depth of understanding of estimating and scheduling rarely seen in industry.”
    -- John Greenwood

David T. Hulett, Ph.D. FAACE